Recommended: Studio ArtFX

One of the few, truly independent and American anime producers I've seen on the Net- Terrance Walker of Studio ArtFX. He's just launched his new on-line anime series, The Legend of ZAHUR at his website

Essentially, I've been interested in seeing creative talent who are using traditional and 3D techniques to create unique anime style in America, not just Flash multimedia, fan art, or joint Japanese co-productions. Nothing wrong with those--there are some excellent examples out there--it's just that I have been focused on American creators in the anime style who are taking the initial steps to pull themselves up by their bootstraps (an American version of Makoto Shinkai or GAINAX before they hit the big time).

If you know of some other examples, let me know! I'm sure I've missed some exciting stuff, but it just seems that after all these years there still isn't a real, vibrant local scene that is trying to push the medium forward and not just purely imitate Japanese anime. So, please correct me if I am wrong! Where are they and who are they! Examples and reasons why you think they qualify as truly, American Anime!